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I'm Jason, and I help great technology companies grow faster with compelling content.

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— Services Offered —

Content Strategy

What sort of content should you be creating? Using surveys, customer interviews, data dives and competitive analysis, I help you understand what kind of content your audience is craving, so you can be sure your content efforts are worthwhile.

Content Creation

Whether it is writing articles, producing case studies, crafting a 5 week drip email campaign, filming and editing a video explanation video — I work with you to build compelling and professional content that gets the attention, interest and trust of your audience.

Content Promotion

Great content spreads naturally - but there are certain conditions that make it go far and wide. I'll work with you to find the right distribution strategies and channel partners to ensure that your content takes off, increasing the return on your investment.

Every product and situation is unique and I don't take every job that comes my way. Maybe you really need to just focus on the product or paid distribution channels. Or maybe there's a real opportunity to grow with awesome content. So why not get in touch and chat?

— Why Content Matters —

In the crowded marketplace of professional software, consumers are turning to content like email newsletters, blog posts, videos, and ebooks to make buying decisions. When's the last time you bought something immediately after seeing an ad for it? Content is the hook that drives prospects down the funnel and towards conversion.

From startups like Kissmetrics and Mailchimp to giants like American Express and McDonalds, leading companies are realizing they must think like publishers thrive in the new economy.

I found myself in a bind and asked Jason to help me design some last-minute sales collateral. A few hours later I had exactly what I needed and my sales team was already using it to close deals. When it comes to getting something done I want Jason on my team.

Ryan Hupfer
Head of Marketing, isocket

— Client Engagements —

60 Day MBA

Ryan and Dave were four-time entrepreneurs who started a business training program that helped regular people build real world-businesses with real revenue. I was brought in to craft two different pages designed to drive conversion off a spike of high traffic. I produced a long-form sales page that adapted some of the content off the course, built urgency, and overcame sales objections.


There's nothing quite as magical as connecting with a like-minded soul to work on a creative project together. I was asked to help this creative social network re-engaged their lapsed users. After gaining user insights from the data and qualitatively via email, I ran a "Summer of Collaboration" campaign focused on practical advice on working on creative projects with others.

Perfect Audience

With thousands of happy customers, Perfect Audience knew their Facebook retargeting platform was incredibly effective. But they didn't have a concrete way to show prospective customers how great they were. I interviewed three of their customers to uncover key insights, designed a custom case study PDF template and produced professional marketing collateral.

— About Jason —

I am the author of The Art of Ass-Kicking, a blog about startups, fitness and personal development. My work has been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Lifehacker and Forbes.

I previously cofounded a Y-Combinator backed startup called Ridejoy, which has helped tens of thousands of people share rides all across the US and Canada. Our company was profiled in Vanity Fair and our iPhone app was selected by Apple as a "Featured App" in 2013.

I earned a BS and MS from Stanford University, where I was captain of an NCAA championship-winning gymnastics team.

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